The Huts

Brothers Donal and Desmond Lysaght on a visit to their brother William (Nay) Lysaght's hut, Corbally, August 1950.


This section of Gabbett's Grove was known as the huts. In the late 40's and 50's when people hadn't much, we were privileged to have a hut on the banks of the River Shannon at the end of the Mill road, we spent our Summers there.

In this magical place, we grew to love water and all its aspects. We woke each morning to a special beauty, always changing, always new and filled with the wonderful elements of nature.

Our days were spent swimming, boating, fishing, picking blackberries, hopping in and out of boats, rowing or paddling over to St. Thomas's Island to swim from the lovely sandy beaches at the tip of the Island, sometimes to explore the ruins of the old house or search for mushrooms. 

Every evening at dusk, we saw a great spectacle take place in the sky, when the rooks, jackdaws and ravens, all caw-cawing loudly, gathered in a whirling mass, preparing to settle down for the night in the tall trees in Ruddock's and Forde’s.

HUT OWNERS, FRIENDS AND ORGANISING COMMITTEE OF CORBALLY REGATTA 1952. Back row: L to R, Kevin O'Reilly, Mike Buggy, Bob Kinsella, Larry Kinsella, Johnny Delahunty, Seanie Gilligan, Joe Gilligan, Pat Hogan. Front row: Tony Darcy, Dom Sheehan, Nay Lysaaght, Sean Real, Donal Lysaght.

The hut owners were mostly from St. Mary's Parish except for Larry Kinsella who was from Wexford. In hut No. 1 was William (Nay) Lysaght, next was his uncle Arthur Lysaght, Peter Fagan, Densie Cowhey, Gus Hanley, Mickey Collins, Larry Kinsella, Joe O'Shaughnessy, Seanie Gilligan/later Jack Meehan and Johnny Delahunty, Johnny Hogan had a hut on the opposite side of the Grove overlooking the Mill Stream. Hogans had a gramophone, the Grove echoed with the melodious sound of Perry Como singing "Hot Diggity, Dog Ziggity Boom" throughout the summer.

The huts were very basic, small, well built wooden structures, warm and cosy inside and consisted mainly of a bedroom, living room, tiny kitchen, outside toilet, small front garden, the river was an extension.

In Kinsella's garden July 1950. Sitting in background Larry Kinsella, From left: Ann and Pat Lysaght and Susan Kinsella.

 So fond were Larry Kinsella's memories of this little spot, when he died in England 1989, his family brought his ashes back to be scattered in the place he loved so well.

 On 2nd August 2008, the ashes of Chrissy Hogan who died in England in June were brought home by her family and scattered on the river from the pier at Pat and Marie Lysaght's house at the end of the Mill Road.

Arthur MacLysaght 1887-1971. A keen fisherman and river enthusiast with his fleet of boats for hire, Corbally 1960. In his younger days, he was an outstanding handballer and played many great games in the Old Ball Court in Watchouse Lane with J.J. Bowles and Ned Bourke. Man sitting in boat is Peter Fagan.

Outside Kinsella's hut 1950's, From left: Michael and Elaine Hanley, Terry Kinsella on Bess, Paddy Kinsella all dressed up in suit and tie, must have been a special occasion and Susan Kinsella. (Photo courtesy of Patrick Kinsella, U.K.)

Elaine Hanley, Ann and Pat Lysaght with dog Ginger and Michael Hanley, August 1952, sitting near the block house on the Green, Liberty Rock and St. Thomas's Island in the background.

In Kinsella's garden, July 1950. Pat and Ann Lysaght and Terry Kinsella.

This is one of the first huts in Corbally, built by Martin O'Farrell. In the photo: Martin O'Farrell, Jim Gilligan, Connie Crowe, the boy standing is Charlie Walnutt who lived nearby in "Willow Bank Cottage" now "Corbally Cottage".

The Gilligan's enjoying the sunshine outside their hut. Back Mrs. Mary Gilligan with baby Helen. Left: Eithne Slattery, young boy Liam Gilligan, Mrs. Josie Gilligan, Terry Gilligan and Dolores Sargent. (Photo courtesy of Mary Gilligan, Chicago, U.S.A.)

THE BOATHOUSE AT LYSAGHT'S HUT BEING USED AS VANTAGE POINT DURING CORBALLY REGATTA 1953. Spectators from Left: Mrs. Rosaleen Lysaght, Joan Eakins, Davie and Sarah Keane, Paddy Kinsella, Mrs. Frahill, Mrs. Hannah MacLysaght, Hannie Reid, Maurice McMahon, Johnny Reddan, Paddy Moloney, Joe Dennihy, Mary Sheehan, Terry Gilligan, Myra Sheehan, Monica Byrnes, Joe Sheehan, Helen Gilligan, Connie Kerley, Pat Lysaght, Tim Dennihy.

Mr. & Mrs. Gus Hanley, caretakers of Corbally Baths in the early 1950's with daughter Elaine and dog Snowey, photo taken in the garden of their hut at end of Mill Road. (Photo courtesy of Michael Hanley, Bristol, England).

Mr. Gus Hanley with son Michael and daughter Elaine posing for a photo before taking off for a spin around St. Thomas's Island in their angling cot.

Michael and Elaine Hanley messing about in the river in front of their hut.

Michael Hanley wondering if the tide is high enough yet to go for a swim. (Photos courtesy of Michael Hanley, Bristol, England).

Larry and Winnie Kinsella kept a lovely flower and vegetable garden, photographed here is daughter Susan playing with her dolls pram. Part of Mickey Collins hut can be seen in the background. (Photo courtesy of Patrick Kinsella, U.K.)

Corbally Boat Club taking part in the An Tostal Parade in Limerick 1953. From left: Ger Gilligan, Denis O'Shaughnessy, Bob Kinsella, Larry Kinsella, Kevin O'Reilly, William Lysaght, Larry Devaney, Martin Hogan.

Back Row: Nay Lysaght, Bob Kinsella, Mickey (Smokey Joe) Collins. Center: Martin Hogan, Dom Sheehan, Johnny Hogan, Denis O'Shaughnessy. Front: Bobby Nolan. (Photo courtesy of Mary Gilligan, Chicago, U.S.A.

From left: Susan Kinsella, Ann Lysaght, Elaine Hanley.
Front: Doreen and Joan Hogan.

Jean Sullivan Beall 05.04.2021 01:41

Donal, Paddy and William Lysaght were my father’s cousins. I just found this website, as I’m researching my Irish roots from Colorado!

Ann Liston 05.04.2021 12:48

Lovely to hear from you Jean, my father was William. If I can be of any help with your research let me know. I will email you privately.

Helen Gilligan Holz 12.09.2017 00:20

Donal Lysaght is my Godfather. Helen Gilligan Holz. Is there a book available to purchase, please let me know. Thanks.

Ann 12.09.2017 21:55

No book available Helen, just the website. Interesting to hear Donal was your Godfather, Donal and my father were brothers and great friends of the Gilligans.

Helen Gilligan Holz 12.09.2017 00:17

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share some of the history of my family with my mother, Mary Glynn Gilligan. She enjoyed seeing the photos .

Ann 12.09.2017 21:49

Glad to hear Helen that you and your Mum enjoyed the photos, I presume you are that little baby Helen in one of the photos above. Regards to all in in the U.S.

Patrick Gilligan 10.04.2016 17:10

Ann thank you for preserving this magical bit of my family history. Now I know why I heard " down the old mill road " every time my Aunts & Uncles got together

Ann Liston 11.04.2016 14:45

The Gilligan's Patrick were so much part of our lives in those wonderful years,it was indeed a magical, carefree & unforgettable time.Regards to all in the U.S.

Mike Buggy 17.03.2016 08:21

Darcy's caravan-Johnny D's 'Shangri La', all of the community
the rippling water sounds, I smile, feel sad & to Old Friends,
I thank you

Ann Liston 18.03.2016 16:41

Wonderful to hear from you Mike. Hope you liked the photos of old friends. Great you put a name on J. Delahunty"s place. I have a question I want to ask you.

Ann Liston 22.01.2016 20:55

Knew your Mum well Fiona, remember the occasion of her home being burnt to the ground, also the scattering of her ashes at end of Mill Rd. See mention above.

Fiona Mallin 22.01.2016 14:50

Great page! My parents house in Corbally burnt down in 1965. My Mum Chrissie Carmody (nee Hogan) loved the huts. I brought her ashes back here in 2008.

Ann Liston 19.10.2015 19:52

Brian, knew your Nana well, a real lady. We moved into the house where she lived before she moved to Egan's, Myrtle Lodge.Know your Mum, Margaret and Martin too

Brian McGrath 18.10.2015 00:10

Wonderful, informative site. My nana and mam grew up on the Mill Rd. later Shannon Banks. I've just moved back with my own family we are so happy. Thank you Ann

Mike Hanley 24.09.2015 12:31

Hi Ann, love new photos, hope you are well. Mike Hanley.

Diarmuid O'Briain 25.07.2015 09:28

I am not originally from Corbally but have lived here for 15 years now. I love the area, and the website opens the history. I love it, thank you.

Jonny Sheehan 23.07.2015 20:25

My parents were not even born yet but are still living down there. Goes to show how close a community it is down the mill rd. is. Thanks for the photos.

Jonny Sheehan 23.07.2015 20:22

Love the photo of the hut owners and corbally regatta members. My grandfather was Johnny Delahunty with my grand uncle Dom Sheehan.

elaine 31.07.2015 15:18

I remember the abbey regatta all my life

David Buckley 19.06.2015 17:10

Dear Anne,
This page is a fantastic resource!as a lifelong resident of Corbally / /Mill Road I am delighted with it.Hope to meet you along the way! Sure I will

elaine 14.06.2015 16:04

where could I get the abbey regatta dolls in limerick

Mike 27.02.2015 13:11

Hi. Ann update on my life -married Annette ( golden this year) had 3 kids boy girl boy all live within 1mile. Six grandchildren 3boys 3girls. How about you?

Mike 24.02.2015 14:10

Hi Ann been back only once met pat and a good chat about old times. Elaine now lives in torquay.

Ann 24.02.2015 00:10

Hi Michael, its been many years but of course I remember you, see photo of yourself and Elaine under heading The Huts, we had wonderful times there in our youth

Patrick Kinsella 22.02.2015 22:55

Hi Pat.
Could you please let me have your e-mail address so I can congratulate you on your wonderful history of Corbally, characters & photo's.

elaine 14.06.2015 16:02

love your website

Michael hanley 23.02.2015 15:30

Remember me Michael hanley now in bristol ?

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