Mill Road Fairy Garden

In March 2016, a site at the end of the Mill Road which had been derelict for as long as anyone could remember was cleared of overgrowth and debris. In April sand was spread on the site, the locals living nearby were curious as to what was going on. A meeting was held by interested parties and very soon the birds were tweeting and the bees were buzzing with the news that it was going to be a Fairy Garden. 

Mill Race, Mill Road, Corbally.

The fairies were thrilled and excited when they saw this beautiful site situated close to Corbally Falls and overlooking the Mill Race at the end of Mill Road. "Rosaleen" queen of the fairies got straight to work building and painting little houses.

In no time at all, the fairies with their noiseless wings started to flutter in, Fairy Faye, Lilly and Violet were the first to move in, then Tess, Isobel, Poppy, Rainbow, Abbie, Chloe, Pumpkin, Sweet Pea, Ava, Fern, Rose and Ruby.

Very soon the Elves got word of this lovely place, Elf Buddy, Nipper, Thistle,  Meadow, Pebble and Pollen and several others took up residence.

I wonder who lives here.

Fairy Ava lives here.

Fairy Ruby lives here.

Fairy Bria lives here.

Fairy Tara lives here.

Elf Pollen lives here.

Elf Seàn lives here.

Elf Meadow lives here.

Fairy Rose lives here

Fairy Faye lives here.

Elf Pollen lives here.

Elf Ruby lives here.

Fairy Lily lives here.

Fairy Violet lives here.

Elf Diarmuid lives here.

This magnificent luxury fairy house was donated to the Mill Road Fairy Garden by Will Fogerty, Fear na Coillte, carved from a Yew tree from Carmel & Denis Daly's garden.

To the amazement of the Fairies and Elves in August 2016, this big bald giant head arrived in the Fairy Garden, in September it got big eyes in order to keep an eye on all the comings and goings in the Fairy Garden. As time went on it grew a fine head of green hair.

Now it was time to give this big head a name, so the Fairies and Elves sent out a request on their Facebook page, asking children to name the green giant head. Of course the names came flooding in, names like Humfrey, Gooper, Foster, Bumpy, Peek, Freddy, Flumps, Milo, Chester, Elliot, Paul, Sheldon, Grover, Sod, Duddkes, Millie, Gabo and Olaf to name but a few. Dugie proved to be the most popular name.

At times Dugies hair gets a bit unruly so the guys from Limerick Civic Trust very kindly help out by giving him a hair cut. Eventually Dugie's head got very sore from being trampled on, so the Fairies and Elves had to put up the following sign:-

Exquisite wood sculpture sign, very kindly donated to The Mill Road Fairy Garden by Pat Lawless.

All the bugs and insects creeping and crawling around the Fairy Garden needed a home too, so Pat Lysaght made and donated the Bug Hotel, much to the delight of the Fairies and Elves.

The fairies living at Mill Road Fairy Garden, are all gentle and beautiful, they live a joyous life, swimming from the rocks in the Mill Race and gliding down the sluice, poling on Corbally falls and dancing in the moonlight to their own sweet music.

Traditions of the fairies show that they love beauty and splendour, grace of movement, music and dance, everything in fact, that is artistic.

The fairies and elves have a post box too, "Rosaleen" the Fairy Queen personally attends to all the mail and is very pleased with the lovely letters and drawings received.

Rosaleen the Fairy Queen also looks after the Mill Road Fairy Garden Facebook page.

If you should catch a fairy
And place it in a jar
Be sure to treat it kindly
And do not take it far

This fairy is not for keeping
It has a home you see
The forest is a wonderful place
And fairies must live free

Faery Land
Somewhere near water stream,
Peaceful and serene.
Underneath a weeping willow,
Quietly unseen.

Lies this little faery land,
With houses made from twine.
Purple heathers, magic lilies
Little bits of moonshine.

Bees, birds and butterflies,
A pretty faery sign.
Planting lots of fruit trees,
So that our faery friends can dine.

If I were a faery,
underneath that willow tree,
I'd live in a magic faery land
Filled with joy and glee. Rosalinda van der Elst

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fantastic :)

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