On 19th January 2019 Maura McNamara while on her daily walk with dog Mac, came across this sorry sight, our lovely Mill Road Heritage sign at the Swimming Pool had been vandalised. Credit to Maura for photo and for bagging and cleaning up this sad sight.

In Autumn 2018, two large signs giving a synopsis of of our Mill Road Heritage were erected, one on the Green and the other at the Swimming Pool.

Summer 2017 - The old footbridge over the Mill Race got a nice new coat of red paint by the lads from Limerick Civic Trust.

TLC Mill Road, Good Friday 2017

TLC Mill Road Group on the 39 Steps, Red Path, Anne O'Brien, Carmel Daly, Lavenia Duggan, Rosaleen Bolger and Dogs Mac and Layla.

January 2017 - After years of a dirt path and pot holes, residents of Gabbett's Grove finally got a new tarmacadam road.


The Gathering of Mill Road neighbours and friends Christmas morning 2016, in Gallagher's garden in the pouring rain. (Photo courtesy of Sarah Bolger)

Dan and Gretta Gallagher

Maura and John McNamara

Pat, Kate and Antoinette Meghan

Pat and Ann Liston

2nd November 2016 - After been hidden away behind an ivy clad wall for years, the Mill Race can now be viewed through the new railings.

2nd November 2016 - At end of Mill Road, a new railing was erected at the Road Bridge allowing a view of the Mill Race.

30th March 2016 - At end of Mill Road, the wall over the Mill Race road bridge being demolished.

In August 2016 this big guy appeared in the Fairy Garden.

In September 2016, it got large eyes.

MARCH 2016 - Disused site at end of Mill Road being cleared. What next? Watch this space.

27th APRIL 2016 - Sand spread on the site today. A little bird said, it's going to be a Fairy Garden.

25th April 2016

Good Friday 25th March 2016. TLC2 Mill Road, Corbally. Pat Liston, Rose Duffy, Rosaleen Bolger, Jennifer Bolger, Lavinia Duggan, Pat Lysaght.

Good Friday, 25th March 2016. TLC2 Mill Road, Corbally, From Left: Ann Liston, Maura McNamara, Sarah Bolger, Ed Duffy, Jennifer Bolger, Marie Lysaght and Dan Gallagher.

The Bolger sisters, Jennifer, Sarah and Emma.

TLC 1 - 2015 MILL ROAD. Front: Charlotte Parish, Rosaleen Bolger, Marie Lysaght, Ann Liston, Anne O'Brien, John Mcnamara. Back: Rose Duffy, Margaret Parish, Jennifer Bolger, Maura McNamara, Emma Bolger, Pat Liston, Tom Bolger.

Ann 13.03.2021 19:13

Thank you Mary for your nice comment. Corbally is a great place, hopefully you will enjoy it even more when this lockdown is over.

Mary Mullane 12.03.2021 12:06

Fabulous website - full of interesting information. Corbally is my home now and this whole area has sustained me through a whole year of Lockdown. Love it

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