The Shannon Fields

The Shannon Fields was a big open space, before the planting of the beautiful trees and now the lovely walking path and exercise machines, but in times past, people of another generation, went there for picnics and swimming. The journey to the Shannon Fields began mostly via the Canal Bank. On Sundays it was thronged with families, the beaches of Kilkee and Ballybunion wouldn't get a look in.

The Babies Piss and Mud Hole

The most popular area for women with prams and young children, was a safe area known as the "Babies Piss" so called for obvious reasons. Next to the "Babies Piss" was another spot, called the "Mud Hole" where children played and covered themselves in mud, then jumped into the water and washed themselves down. This spot was just in front of where the new exercise machines are, but is now completely overgrown.

Gerard Real has since told me that in his time, the spot was known as "Sandymount" I have to say, that name does sound more polite.

The Table Rock

Farther down the Shannon Fields, was another spot more popular with advanced swimmers, called the "Table Rock" it got its name from a large flat rock, from which the swimmers would dive.

The Lagoon

Just near the entrance to the Shannon Fields, near the Irish Estates was another picnic and swimming area called "The Lagoon", again only the advanced swimmers would swim there, as it was quite deep, with only a few feet of ground.

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