Hello, welcome to my website. I have put together a collection of photos from Corbally, some old, some new. Take a look through my collection and stay a while or come back often and visit, who knows what new photos you might see. Hope you enjoy it. 

I was first introduced to the Mill Road when I was about 3 years old by my parents, they had a great love for Corbally, they spent a great deal of their teenage years in the late 1930’s swimming and boating on the river Shannon and picnicking on St. Thomas’s Island. Their dream was to one day live on  Mill Road. 

In the late 1940's their dream partly came true when my father acquired a very small plot of land on the edge of the Shannon at the end of the Mill Road, where he built a hut, our Summer Residence, next to his uncle Arthur who had one of the first huts in Corbally.

 On weekends and Summer holidays we would cycle out to the Mill Road, me in a basket on the carrier of my Mam’s bike, my brother Pat on the bar of my Dad’s bike and our Irish terrier dog “Ginger” running along behind. During those few years, my Dad along with other hut owners organised and participated in local Regattas, winning many races. The Regattas were abandoned for years but were revived again in the 1970s, my brother Pat then became involved and won many races mostly with Dan Gallagher.

How Mill Road looked in 1984 before Siúl na hAbhann and Silverbrook housing estates. Mr. Liam Forde lived inside the high ivy clad wall on the right, up a long avenue in "Lax Weir Cottage" The wall started to be demolished on 14th December 2001 to make way for Siúl na hAbhann. On left was Maurer's field now Silverbrook estate. Marie Lysaght on her bike bringing her youngest daughter Maria to her first day at school.

Opportunity knocked for my parents in the 1950’s when a small house with a bit of land came up for sale. That was it, we moved to the Mill Road permanently and haven’t moved out since. It was heaven living near the river we all loved so much. A few years later Dad built a new bungalow in the garden and we moved in there to live, Pat who wasn’t long married at the time moved into the old house, I left the Mill Road briefly when I got married but when my Dad built a new house by the river in place of the hut and moved there to live, my husband and I got the opportunity to buy their house, it was a dream come true. Later Dad built a house for my sister Rosaleen at the river next to theirs and later again for my sister Maura next to that. 

 I think I can safely say that we loved living on the Mill Road back in those times, it was so very different to now. No housing estates, no Scoil Ide, no speed ramps, no speed signs, no double or single yellow lines. The road was quiet, quaint and narrow with plenty of lush green fields, high limestone grey walls and magnificent towering trees. There was approx. 40 houses, almost all with their own names, no numbers and we knew who lived in every house. Our next door neighbours were the Quillinans, a field away.

"ROSENEATH" Mill Road. Photo taken outside rear of house circa 1940. From left: Rita Murphy, Michael McNamara, owner of "Roseneath" and children, baby Dermot, Anthony, Beatrice, Louis, nephew Michael Gleeson in dark suit and dog Rajah. Michael McNamara had a Bakery in Mary Street, Limerick. (Photo courtesy of Michael Gleeson, London).

On our way from school after hopping off the bus at the top of the Mill Road, the first house name we would see was “Sunnyside" then came “India Ville”, “St. Jude’s” Nursing Home, “The Cottage”, "Geraldine", "Woodlands", "Riverview", "Maryville", "Ard na Greina", "Roseneath", "Prospect Villa", "Kilrory", “Thornville”, “Mayfield”, “Prague”, "Cúlruad", “Ruanard”, "Norwood", "Cul Aluinn", "Myrtle Lodge", "Hillside", "Laurel Cottage", "Laurel Ville", "Lax Weir Cottage", "Cois Abhainn", "Corbally House", "Beech Grove" and "Willow Bank Cottage". Some of the houses are now gone, others have changed names.

On our arrival home from school we would change our clothes, meet up with our pals  who were the Connollys, Kerrs, Coughlans, Greens, Moloneys, Tullys and Kellys, then our adventures would begin, we had the run of the entire Mill Road, we knew every field, ditch, tree and blade of grass, we were familiar with pheasants, birds, rabbits, hares, hedgehogs, foxes and there was always cattle in the fields and sometimes even a bull. Each season brought different pastimes.

The old stables in the grounds of St. Munchin's College.

In Winter we spent a lot of our time in the Bishop’s fields, now St. Munchin's College, my friend Joy Kerr kept her 2 ponies Trody and Tanzy in the stables there. We loved taking the ponies for a trot down the Mill Road, then going back into the narrow tunnel-like avenue, almost dark from the huge overhanging chestnut trees that lined the Bishop’s Avenue and then out into the open fields for a  gallop right up to “Sunnyside”, then back to groom and feed the ponies and clean out the stables in the walled in stable yard.  At that time there was no St. Munchin’s College, no Scoil Ide and no football pitches. Inside the Bishop’s there was also another walled in area, it was the garden of the Bishop’s Palace, there  Mr. John Lyons who lived in the  Gate Lodge at the main entrance to the Palace, kept a magnificent fruit and vegetable garden.

Main entrance gate to the Bishop's Palace, Mr. John Lyons lived in the gate lodge just inside the small gate on the left. The lodge is long gone, but In Summer, Mr. Lyons white roses can still be seen hanging over the wall.

Another pastime of ours was to climb the very tall narrow palm trees that were just inside the entrance gate of “Prospect Villa” we called it "The Priests", Fr. Lane, Fr. Looby and Fr. Breen lived there.  We would sit at the very top of the trees for hours on end watching the comings and goings of the Priests and the residents of the Mill Road, without they ever knowing, what’s more, we had a spectacular view of the city. Later in 1965  “Prospect Villa” became home to The Little Sisters of the Assumption. The next owners renamed the house “Ryanhart”.

Never a dull moment, we would plod through swampy fields at the back of the larger houses, it was the difficult way to get to the Salmon Weir bank or railway track, we swam and boated and without fear, we threaded barefoot in the river and sometimes got a peep into the hidden world beneath the carved out river rocks, other times we gathered conkers, picked mushrooms, wildflowers and blackberries, all according to the season. 

There was no shortage of milk or eggs, they could be purchased from Kellys, now (Meadow Brook), O’Donnell’s and Healy’s farms, apples and pears from McInerneys of “Ard na Greine", hen eggs and duck eggs, milk, apples and pears from Egan’s of “Myrtle Lodge” now (Brookhaven Walk). Inside Egan’s large gate in early Spring, the farm became a carpet of blue from the masses of bluebells, outside the gate was quite different, it was always covered in cows manure from the cows twice daily crossing into the Pool fields, now (Springrove), it was a case of tip toeing carefully or slip, if cycling it was advisable to get off the bike or risk falling off. Monica Coughlan of "Thornville" had a small shop in her home for a short while, what I remember most about it was her delicious homemade jam.

CORBALLY HOUSE - Some families associated with Corbally House were the Bindon family, Poole Gabbett, James Quin, whose eldest son James Edward Quin was a First World War casualty, killed in battle at St. Julien on 22nd April 1915. The Ruddock family, Seymour Major and the Ryan family.

Every so often we would go to spare ground in Ruddock’s of “Corbally House”, they processed films for all the Chemists in town. Just inside the front gate, there was a tunnel which led to under the front door, we made lots of attempts to venture into the tunnel, but always chickened out, feeling there might be bats inside. However, on one occasion we got the courage and went into the tunnel, feeling our way and talking as we went along, it was pitch, pitch dark, finally we came to an end and a door opened, we got the fright of our lives, and ran out, way quicker than we went in, after that we had no desire to go back there again. We discovered afterwards that the tunnel led to the cellar where the girls worked processing the films. Ruddocks were a Quaker family, their son Jack drowned at Corbally in June 1941 and is buried in the Quakers graveyard in Limerick.

BROCHURE FOR KING JOHN'S HOTEL. Now Corbally House Nursing Home.

 Seymour Major was the next owner of “Corbally House”, he turned it into a small hotel and named it  “King John’s”, described as set in two acres of walled gardens on the banks of the River Shannon. It had H and C in all bedrooms.

Tariff per person: High Season the weekly rate including breakfast, lunch and dinner £18.50, Bed & Breakfast £1.70, Luncheon £0.80, Morning Tea £0.08. Low Season weekly rate £14.00, Daily Rate £2.30, Special terms for children under 12 years of age. 10% service charge.

You are sure of superb and plentiful cuisine and a warm welcome at King John's, set in two secluded acres of walled gardens at Corbally, Limerick.

Though a mere five minutes drive from the centre of the city the prospect from this converted 18th century mansion is of green fields and trees with the river forming the northern boundary of the grounds. At this point, the river affords wonderful salmon and trout fishing.

Boats are available for hire on the river which is studded with islands ideal for exploring and picnics. On one of these islands is the ruin of an old abbey that King John granted the right to fish the adjoining waters in perpetuity. The fishing here remains free to this day. 

There is a swimming pool nearby and an abundance of golf courses within easy reach.

 SWIMMING Corbally Swimming Pool is only four minutes walk along the river bank from King John's. Swimming from the islands on the river is also popular. Quiet beaches are also within easy reach.

That was a time when life was a lot more relaxed and the pace not quite so hectic. Who would have dreamt that in a short few years there would be 7 housing estates on the Mill Road, in spite of that  it’s still lovely to walk by the riverside and is still one of the most beautiful places in Limerick., Today, Pat, Maura, Rosaleen and I still live on the Mill Road just a few minutes walk away from each other.

Kind regards
Ann MacL - Thank you for browsing

Elaine 11.05.2022 06:53

Love this website you have lovely pictures Anne pat is such a gentleman like you your a lady bring out a book

Johnny 07.05.2022 22:22

Hi Ann, I love your wonderful website, it brings back memories of my childhood, swimming at Corbally baths and the Shannon Fields, keep up the good work

B.O'Brien 09.01.2022 23:36

Lovely Website

Brendan Molloy 17.12.2021 16:17

Hi Ann,
I hope you are well. My grandfather was Patrick Egan, my mother Mary Egan. Would you have any photos of the house?
Best regards,

Ann 18.12.2021 20:06

Hi Brendan, Sorry, I haven't got any photos of Myrtle Lodge, it would be lovely to have some. Remember our grandmother & grandfather & Mary well.

John 27.11.2021 23:04

Would you have any more information on the o donnell

Ann 18.12.2021 19:54

Hi John, did you mean the O'Donnell Farm? I don't know a lot, I used to call there to buy milk,I remember Martha and her sister, they worked hard delivering it.

elaine 28.07.2021 05:58

hi anne love this page

Mike O'Halloran 21.06.2021 08:51

Thanks Ann for the lovely pages, found in researching O'Halloran ancestors on the Island, Corbally and Kings Island. Reminds of meeting unknown Limerick family

Ann 26.06.2021 18:02

Best of luck Mike with your O'Halloran research.

Noel Collins 11.05.2021 11:24

Hi Ann, thanks for sharing your wonderful website, it’s a mine of information and brings back many happy memories of wonderful times

sryan 16.07.2020 15:24

Just discovered this beautiful website, thanks for sharing, love it.

Noel Clancy 17.02.2020 20:13

I am sure you remember my mother Miriam and her siblings
Jim, John, Maurice and Anna.

Ann 18.02.2020 14:50

Yes, I remember your lovely mum Miriam well, also John,Anna,Maurice & Jim. Spent many a happy hour in the sitting room of "Norwood" Still in touch with John.

Noel Clancy 17.02.2020 20:12

Hi Ann, thanks for putting together a great site, lots of memories.
I used live on the Mill Rd but am living in Sydney now.
My grandmother was Birdie Connolly

Ann 18.02.2020 14:36

Hi Noel,lovely to hear from Sydney, you're a long way from Mill Yes,remember you're grandmother Birdie well, a great business lady and well know to many

Joan Ryan 28.11.2019 17:33

Super website Ann.

Ronan Newman 17.09.2019 19:06

Reason being, I have a 1845 article by a JJ Fisher wh stated he was from Thornville, trying to find out who he as he was also a leading amateur astronomer

Ronan Newman 17.09.2019 19:02

Hi,I am looking for a place called Thornville in Limerick, every time I Google search I get Mill Road in Limerick,

Jamie OSullivan 16.06.2019 16:04

Check out my close encounter with a badger in St Munchins today.....Watch how close he comes to me at the end...

Noel Clancy 17.02.2020 20:16

Great footage Jamie. Defo catch up next time we are home.

Ann 16.06.2019 16:57

Brilliant footage James, I never even saw one in reality, you could have patted him, he came so close to you.

DAVID BUCKLEY 29.05.2019 11:57

Hello Ann,
Could you drop me a mail when you get a chance,interested in information on Kellys now Meadowbrook. Love the site, frequent visitor

Ann 29.05.2019 19:59

Be glad to help David, if I can, sent you an email.

Ann 27.03.2019 20:34

Hi Meg, it would be lovely to meet, I'm also living near Lax Weir, so, we must be neighbours.

Meg Harper 26.03.2019 11:02

Hello Ann, Lovely web site! thanks for putting this together. I'd love to meet you if possible: I'm living near the lax weir and fascinated by its history.

Paddy Roche 09.01.2019 17:30

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This is a brilliant local site, beautifully put together, thank you for sharing.

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What a great site, well done.

Blair 10.10.2018 12:10

Saw the photographs of birds at the site of the Corbally Baths. Lovely to see local photographs of birds - unfortunately the names are wrong!

Ann 14.10.2018 16:00

Blair, saw the photos of the birds at the Pool yesterday, most of the photos are from my website,a few are not, and the birds incorrectly named is not my doing.

John Pietrobono 18.09.2018 22:58

Really enjoyable browsing through your site! Thanks so much!

John Pietrobono

Ann 20.09.2018 14:00

Thank you John, always nice to hear from the U.S.

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elaine 17.10.2018 15:52

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Ann 14.10.2018 16:37

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Liz Ryan 15.01.2018 19:21

I'm forever dipping in and out of your site Ann. Absolutely love it, Liz Ryan.

Ann 15.01.2018 22:33

Glad you enjoy it Liz, thanks, Ann

Nuala McArdle 05.12.2017 01:07

I would love an historical tour of the Mill Road. I am delighted to have found your memories and descriptions of the Mill Road. Thanks for sharing it. Nuala

Ann 13.12.2017 23:19

I'm sure Nuala one of our local historians will do a tour in 2018.

Tony Browne 30.08.2017 16:55

Excellent information I will bring back the Limerick Historical Society next year.

Ann Liston 30.08.2017 20:41

That would be great Tony to have the Limerick Historical Society do another tour of the Mill Road.

Valerie Lysaght 07.08.2017 11:24

Loved reading about your memories and the history. I was born and raised here as well you know and now my children will be raised here too.😀

Ann 07.08.2017 18:57

Nice to have you visit here Valerie, I'm sure you have some interesting memories and stories to tell yourself with the children and school.

Gerry Williams 08.06.2017 18:04

Hi Ann this is my first time visiting your site after being introduced to it by your husband Pat.I must saythat it is a very well compiled site.

Mary O'Brien 25.05.2017 12:38

Love everything about this website, my parent were from Corbally.

tony 27.03.2017 17:06

Hello Ann love your page very informative my group is called Limerick City Citizens. Feel free to drop by and say hello. I will share our page with my members

Tony 28.03.2017 21:48

Hi Ann thank you for your reply. It would be lovely to see you drop by and say hello.

warm regards


Ann 28.03.2017 16:42

Hi Tony, I intend to visit your group "Limerick City Citizens" often. Thank you for the link.

Stuart Mcnamara 23.02.2017 09:58

Hi Ann, Super site! The McNamara family picture at Roseneath includes my Dad Louis (rather than Lewis) and his pet dog Rajah who we never had a pic of! C 1940

Pat Kerrigan 18.02.2017 12:12

Hi Ann, well done, a lovely website, really enjoying it. Had many happy summers cycling out the Mill Road and swimming in the pool there.

Cora Storan 08.01.2017 09:14

Beautifully written. I remember my Dad cycling from Janesboro with me on the bar down the Mill Rd. In th 1950s. Those were the good times. Thanks for the memory

Ann 09.01.2017 21:54

Thanks Cora, nice cycle from Janesboro to Mill Road, the bar of a bike or carrier on the back was a common mode of transport then.

John Connolly 08.01.2017 02:50

Ann, what would I do without you! You keep me in touch with the best time of my life--growing up on the Mill Road

Ann 09.01.2017 21:44

Ah, sure John it's deep-rooted in you.

william byrnes 07.12.2016 20:21

Like the stories

Anne 23.11.2016 10:18

Hello Ann, my Dad (Alan Ruddock) and your Dad were neighbours. Would love to drop you an email, can I have your address please?

Ann Liston 24.11.2016 21:01

They were indeed Anne, your Dad Alan Ruddock lived just across the road from us. Remember Alan well and his dog "Bouncer" and your lovely Grandparents.

Tony Hartnett 29.08.2016 12:32

Hi Ann. Thanks for sharing this. It all seems very far away now from here in Andalusia. I miss it though. Tony Hartnett & Denise Ryan.

bock 11.04.2016 15:56

Is your name Lysaght or MacLysaght?

Ann Liston 11.04.2016 18:40

MacLysaght with the Mac mostly dropped.

Cathy Schell 10.04.2016 22:51

I meant to mention as well that Liam Forde was my great uncle! I'm sharing this page with his daughter, I'm sure she'll love it!

Ann Liston 11.04.2016 17:37

That's wonderful Cathy, always afraid to go up the long Avenue because of the German Shepherd. My sister and friend occasionally went to the creamery with him.

Cathy Schell 10.04.2016 22:47

Great page, thoroughly enjoying it! Wondering if you have any photos of the Power boys rowing in the 40s?

Ann Liston 11.04.2016 17:25

Cathy, offhand no.lookup Boat Clubs Limk.City Council, you might find something there or I'm sure Denis O'Shaughnessy would be very knowledgeable on the subject

theresa daly 08.04.2016 06:33

there's nothing like the oral history of a place spoken by one who lived there, lovely

Ann Liston 08.04.2016 13:53

I agree with you Theresa, can't beat practical and local knowledge. Regards, Ann.

Benny 22.03.2016 00:28

Hi Anne This Is Benny we Live In Your grandmother old house in Duagh I Knew Paud well was at his burial in spring mount 0879918546

Ann Liston 23.03.2016 19:27

Hi Benny, interesting you living in my g.mothers old house. Visited Springmount & St.Brigid's a few times. Years ago loved our family visits to O'Briens, Duagh.

Michael Gleeson 18.03.2016 16:32

Not sure how I send a picture on this site. Do you have an email or is there a contact button I'm missing?

Michael Gleeson 17.03.2016 16:30

This would have been before WW11. I have a picture taken outside Roseneath with some of the family. I can send if you're interested.

Maeve O'Connell 10.06.2022 22:37

According to my records a Mrs Mary Russell was living in Roseneath in 1940. In 1941 a Mrs Beatrice McNamara was a tenent at Roseneath. What dates do you have?

Ann Liston 18.03.2016 16:08

That sounds so interesting Michael, would love to see.

Michael Gleeson 11.03.2016 16:37

My Father, also Michael Gleeson, grew up in 'Roseneath' so I just wanted to thank you for your fascinating insight into the history of Mill Road. Many thanks.

Ann Liston 13.03.2016 17:13

Michael, I wonder if you have the correct house name where your father grew up, O'Connell's live in "Roseneath" but then maybe your father was there before them

John Connolly 02.03.2016 23:15

Thanks Ann for a great site.As you know Ann I grew up on the Mill road in the 50s/60s,Great People lived there -you have really written a history of the Mill Rd

Ann Liston 04.03.2016 01:00

All lovely people John, including those who lived in "Norwood", I spent lots of happy times there with Anna and Miriam.

joan lysaght 29.02.2016 19:12

really interesting site, thanks for the memories,Anne. xx

Ann Liston 27.02.2016 16:35

Hi Áine, didn't know Seymour Major had a Youth Club there, you will have to tell me more about that sometime.

Aine Heffron (Lysaght) 25.02.2016 21:53

Well done Ann, great stories remembered there, I remember Seymour Major and the youth club they held there. We had great fun swimming from the slipway.

Ann 29.09.2015 23:05

Thanks Liam, good luck with your research.

Liam 27.09.2015 17:40

Excellent website, I came across it doing research for college on Poole Gabbett and Griffiths valuation of the Corbally area.

Ann 20.09.2015 23:31

Thank you Elaine. Glad you enjoy it.

elaine 19.09.2015 20:41

love your website and pictures brings back many memories

Maurice Connolly 18.09.2015 18:17

Reading through your website, very interesting. I hope Pat & all your family are well. Brought back memories. Maurice Connolly JR

Ann 19.09.2015 01:10

Maurice, lovely to hear from you, we are all fine, Pat spends a lot of time on the river. Hope you and your family are keeping well.

Clare 18.09.2015 17:03

My dad was a connolly who grew up on mill St at this time.

Ann 19.09.2015 01:00

Clare, there was only one Connolly family living on the Mill Road then, so I had to know your dad, had to be either Seamus, Maurice or John, a lovely family.

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