Wild, Weird and Wonderful

At different times of the year, some of the most fascinating wild, weird and wonderful mushrooms, overnight, push their way up through the earth and weeds, I like to have my camera at the ready when I come across them, fearing they might be “Magic Mushrooms” and do a disappearing act. I’m not tempted to pick them either, with names like “Death Cap” and “Destroying Angels” I decide not to make a meal of them. Fungi and Lichens also show up, usually found at the bottom of old and rotting trees, interesting to find, but mostly, I have no idea what they are called.

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Yes just like the main history before the 2000s and the owners and things like that.

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Hi Alesha, is there anything in particular you would like know?

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Hi Ann, would you have information on the Corbally nursing home fo...